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Press brakes

VICLA synchro press brakes

VICLA stands for quality. Broadly speaking, this is why all of VICLA press brakes can be included in the top list of the best machines with regard to reliability and safety. Throughout time, thanks to the more and more experience gained, such a quality has been practically translated into a wide range of machines of Italian engineering design among which the synchro press brake is outstanding.
VICLA synchro press brake is an industrial masterpiece that will surely meet the requirements of the most demanding Costumers, by assuring a neat, quick and above all efficient job. In this model of press brake there exist all those qualities that enable the machine to not be unnoticed by experts in the industry and its versatility makes it a real high performance machine in the sheet metal working sector.
Prices vary depending on weight, dimensions and nominal pressure of the machine. However, in order not to loose of sight safety, VICLA equips all machines with a combination of components that come from the experience of the most important manufacturers and remain unchanged in all models of press brakes and shears. As a result VICLA trades in products of quality that guarantee safety and the certainty of having made the right choice.
VICLA synchro press brakes are endowed with the LAZER SAFE safety system that consists of dual beam photocells that operates along with other elements in order to comply TÜV RHEINLAND directives, certification official body for safety and quality.
VICLA machines are user-friendly and their utilization is very intuitive for the authorized personnel in the field of sheet metal working. For instance, the Esa Numerical Control (NC) helps work rapidly and practically thanks to a graphic color display, USB port and virtual library.
Some other components empower the machine functionality such as the double guide of the beam, PROMECAM or WILA style tools (allow to mount on the machine tools of all brands in the market), ABB motor for top performances, and a electrical panel with Panasonic, Siemens and Telemecanique elements.
The hydraulic system by Hoerbiger has a series of electro-valves mounted on a steel block. As for the LAZER SAFE system, the hydraulic system is in compliance with the EU legislation.
Finally, HEIDENEINlinear encoder is an added value for VICLA synchro press brakes because it allows to realize a perfect job. Due to its position on the side of the machine, it is able to detect possible deformities thus, at the same time, the Numerical Control can modify the action of the cylinders in order to balance defects.
VICLA synchro press brakes are the right choice to make for anyone who desires absolute quality. Precision and safety make VICLA machines a leading company in the field of sheet metal working machines, thanks to the constant search for progress and development.

Press brakesSynchro press brakes Model PSH-SShearsTools for VICLA press brakes and blades for shearsVICLA: always at Costumerís complete disposal

VICLA sheet metal machinesí essential characteristics

  • Vicla press brakes work FAST
    Our machines are able to improve your processing time and cost... Time is money!
  • Vicla machines are SAFE
    Thanks to Lazer Safe photocells, operators can work in complete safety.
  • Vicla sheet metal working machines are PRECISE
    VICLA press brakes guarantee extremely high quality performances suitable for customized solutions that meet your Customerís needs.
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