The Hybride system assembed as standard, the innovative flex system and the optional clever crowning. All the innovation of a young, modern company capable of competing against sector giants.

The strength of a company operating in the sheet metal machining sector and which, like VICLA®, produces impressive machinery with high engineering content, is measured through the ability to innovate and anticipate trends. Since its establishment, approximately 10 years ago, VICLA® has invested in people and resources capable of welcoming change. From the very beginning, hybrid machinery was constructed bypassing the step of traditional press production. A key to the success of VICLA® is its ability to grasp the importance of energy saving issues and to promote use of the Hybrid System series, the innovative technology guaranteeing a considerable reduction in energy consumption (-55%) and an exceptional decrease in oil used (e.g.: 2 X 40 litres – 110 t press).

Such intuition brought quick success on the markets thanks to an excellent quality/price ratio. A VICLA® press with the Hybrid System is in fact available at the same price as a traditional machine. And the results in terms of numbers are surprising: +20% production, 20% rise limit reduction, 50% lower oil temperature, 70% less risk of leaks, 50% less tank volume and a 50% simpler and faster installation process. The piping system was cut 60%.

Another much appreciated innovation on the markets that makes VICLA® machinery very interesting for sector operators is the possibility of applying the Flex system. This is a device, to apply to the SUPERIOR – the flagship bending press by VICLA® – capable of controlling structural flection of the frames and at the same time maintaining the same bending depth, regardless of the length of the metal sheet. FLEX is a truly unique system because only higher category machinery is equipped with it, a further element in terms of quality/price ratio in favour of VICLA® machinery.

An additional strength lies in the equipped .SUPERIOR standard configuration of a pre-loaded crowning system. A highly flexible solution capable of optimising the entire production system to the maximum and also guaranteeing extraordinary structural stability and bending precision and adequately dealing with mechanical stress. Optimise quality even further by applying the optional Clever Crowning: innovation that allows calculation of bending angle corrections in real time, without any need for operator intervention. A perfectly linear bend can thereby also be obtained on non-uniform materials.

It is essentially a combination of the characteristics that make VVICLA® produced models innovative and technically advanced at top market levels. Manufactured with a modern, dynamic mentality and the contribution of highly specialist professionals, equal to the challenges set by increasingly demanding and competitive markets.