Used press brake Trumpf 3 m – 130 t | VICLA
Vicla Used press brake Trumpf 3 m – 130 t

Used press brake Trumpf 3 m – 130 t

Synchronised 6 axis control Delem DA 65

Nominal length: 3000 mm
Bending force: 130 t
Maximum bending length: 3050 mm
Distance between frames: 2720 mm
Cavity: 410 mm
Y axis stroke: 200 mm
Opening: 500 mm
Work table height: 950 mm
Oil capacity: 280 l
Absorbed power: 15 kw
Approximate weight: 11 t



One of our technicians will be at your disposal to provide any information about our products.

We at VICLA® and the German TRUMPF, the world leader in the production of machinery for sheet metal processing, have something in common: an impetus for continuous technological innovation, a daily search for perfection, skills and professionalism at the highest market levels.

And, one thing that makes us stand out from other sector leaders is our “Italianness”, intended as our unrivalled ability to propose an original mix of creativity, design and efficiency. These prerogatives, among others, allow the highly skilled engineers and technicians in VICLA® to regenerate TRUMPF branded bending presses as if they were new.
These machines have hi-tech manufacturing features and after a long use period can be made new again. In fact, our engineers, after precise and accurate servicing, re-conditioning and re-certification operations, can guarantee original quality precision and reliability for a long time to come.

We will take the opportunity to list the main features of the used hydraulic bending presses, which are serviced, re-conditioned and re-certified, to ensure they are ideal for the manufacture of many products in steel or other metal alloys and for the production of sheet metal pieces with wide-ranging geometries, from simpler to more complex ones. The main variables to access, before purchasing a used bending press, are listed below, for perfect bending of every type of sheet metal. Variables that generally apply to all bending presses:

    A robust machine and stable structure to produce the highest quality parts with the most precise bends.
    It allows a bending machine to maintain a constant bending angle even for large sized pieces. The more efficient the rounding system, the higher the production quality.
    Process programming in automatic mode guarantees greater precision and speed. The presence of a CNC allows a bending press to adapt in the best way possible to various production needs and consistent geometries of the forms. The CNC allows easy numerical and/or graphical programming by the operator. The machine should process, according to the parameters set, guaranteeing the production of pieces in series, each identical to the next.
    Where present, an obsolete CNC limits the possibility of progress governance.
    Also the characteristics of the matrixes and the punches used influence the quality of the processes.

In VICLA® we can avail of all the professional figures necessary to renew the aforementioned features. Those who place their trust in a used bending press for their work can count of all the skills that characterise our operating mode and philosophy at the basis of the VICLA® brand: an investment of great value fully guaranteed with efficiency and safety controls conducted by our authorised workers.

Vicla Used press brake Trumpf 3 m 130 t
Vicla Second Hand Press Brake Trumpf