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CNC Press Brakes: Sheet Metal Bending Machines

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The frame is heavy-duty as well as compact and it assures precise results. It is made of high quality mild steel and it has undergone systematic mechanical processes.

  • Electric welding of high precision
  • Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts

VICLA® chooses the best products to guarantee long-lasting and high-tech machines.
VICLA® selects the best components.

  • Graphic color CNC
  • Laser beam safety photocells
  • Silent and reliable internal gear pump
  • Hydraulic system regulated by proportional valves
  • Combination of brushless drive and motor with “can open” digital technology, high precision backgauge which permits permits fast movements of the axes
  • High precision optical lines
  • Adjustable clampings
  • Hardened, grinded tools and clamps for quick tools adjustment
  • Complete backgauge fingers on double linear guide with LEDs
  • Stainless steel front supports adjustable in height
  • Automatic hydraulic crowning
  • Electrical panel with high quality components
  • Start&Stop system
  • Hybrid system (.SUPERIOR)
Vicla .SUPERIOR Press Brake Clever Crowning Technology


The automatic crowning table enables to achieve complete smoothness in the bending process all along the bending width. The crowning system can be either hydraulic or mechanical and its movement is directly managed by CNC.



VICLA® press brakes are provided are equipped with a backgauge constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning.

  • Backgauge on linear guide directly fixed at structure frame
  • Possibility to easily move and manage the fingers directly from the front of the machine by means of two linear guides In full safety
  • Possibility to choose different shapes of the fingers
  • Possibility to choose different backgauge configurations (X-R-Z1-Z2-X2-X3)


The quality of the working area is strictly related to the level of ergonomics that depends on:

1. safety;

2. adaptability. For this aim VICLA® customizes the working area accordingly Costumers’ specific needs;

3. usability. It gives several advantages such as enhancement of the authorized personnel’s efficiency, as well as safety, and reduction of mistakes, timing and costs for the training;

4. comfort.

  • Increased opening and stroke to realize either simple or complex manufacturings
  • Quick clamping system that can be manual, pneumatic or hydraulic with the possibility to remove the tools from the front of the machine
  • The controls area can be installed on both the left and right side
  • Customized configuration of the system of tool clamping
  • Choice of the set of tools suitable for special sheet metal manufacturings


VICLA® machines are equipped with CNC Controls which allow to improve the quality of the manufacturing process, as well as reduce the processing time and cost.

  • 2D or 3D numerical or graphical programming
  • Possibility of off-line machine programming
  • Complete management of the operational parameters to optimize the manufacturing process: the software automatically estimates the sheet metal working process, its bending sequence, nominal pressure, axes positioning and finally the crowning depending on length, material and thickness of the sheet profile
  • Possibility to use specific softwares to simulate the bending process and program the press brake with files transmission via USB port, LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Uploading of DXF, DWG and IGES files
  • Tool library
  • Tele-assistance via web (optional)
Vicla Press Brake Infrared Angle Control System


VICLA® machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with reference to safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operator without reducing the pace of work.

  • The most advanced laser systems
  • Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves
  • Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: should it be is interrupted, it blocks the movement of the press brake
  • Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale
  • Constant monitoring of parameters related to safety


One of our technicians will be at your disposal to provide any information about our products.

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