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When dealing with quality and excellence in VICLA we are extremely strict. This is why our management recently choose to sign an agreement in close collaboration with the company that is now the leader in the production of machinery parts for sheet metal machining: the German HOERBIGER Group, a world leader in the sectors of compression and drive technologies, production of hydraulic systems and numerous mechanical engineering applications. A company that has been in business since 1895, currently with 6,858 staff and turnover of 1.115 billion euro. A giant that is synonymous with continuous innovation and high performance parts. This partnership is wholly satisfying and sets the foundation for the production of sheet metal working machines manufactured by VICLA to ever-increasing perfection. Our clients are fully guaranteed maximum levels of quality and efficiency.

VICLA and HOERBIGER, together guaranteeing innovation and quality

Atelier means a laboratory, where a photographer, designer or artist in general works. In VICLA we offer our services in sheet metal, like a tailor in the fashion industry. Our flexibility enables us to create customised machines made to client specifications. Being more than just a company, VICLA® was set up and structured as an artisan's laboratory, a real and proper, all-Italian atelier for sheet metal machinery.

In fact, every single project was developed through a continuous process of listening to our clients' needs, each different from the other. We are not just sheet metal machinery suppliers, but true partners capable of manufacturing products made to measure. With utmost attention to continuous research, quality and the most innovative technologies, in VICLA we have the resources to provide our clients which the most innovative, solid and reliable machinery the market has to offer.

The crowning jewel in VICLA lies in its Research & Development department, a highly important strength to innovate and perfect our machinery and find state-of-the-art solutions in terms of the highest quality materials and parts. Our business is this, and much more.


In fact, the difference in our sector lies in better structuring of the machinery, with masterful, meticulous and functional assembly of every single part. Today, more than ever, we are also committed to designing high performance products with huge energy savings while reducing waste and pollution. This takes place by reducing the quantity of hydraulic oil and maintenance intervention. Speed and precision are fundamental characteristics of machinery for sheet metal machining: obtain the best in the least time possible, group multiple machining processes on a single machine. In VICLA we work to optimise the entire production system. This is the philosophy which, from 2008 to present day, has led us to acquire a considerable share of the market. In Italy, Europe and North America.

Requests are always different. Clients are increasingly asking for machinery to work small, long or complex parts. Following the insertion of two devices, CLEVER CROWNING and FLEX, machining at any level of difficulty is limitless with .SUPERIOR. Our machines are hybrids to better respond to market needs. In fact, we offer the innovative hybrid system at the same price as the traditional system, meaning multiple advantages. First of all, considerable energy savings (55% compared to a traditional machine) and a considerable reduction in oil, also thanks to the double tank.The research and development department designed the innovative HYBRID system, now standard on all .SUPERIOR machinery. Another intuition, the Flex, is an innovative control device for structural flection of frames to maintain the same bending depth independent of the length of the metal sheet.

Such innovations have allowed us to offer our services on new markets which are increasingly attentive to consumption, speed and production cycles.The leading models are those in the .SUPERIOR range, starting with the 1250 mm 30 t, the fastest machine, followed by other models, which you can find in the catalogue. Our production is not 100% made-to-measure, since our standard models meet most of our clients' needs. For example, the openings and strokes on the standard models are bigger than those of competitors.

Having designed and manufactured high quality machinery, all the machined parts are centesimal and built in a solid structure to guarantee excellent repetition over time and high precision of axis positioning. In VICLA we clearly known that selling a machine is not a conclusive act, but rather the start of a relationship based on loyalty.

We want our machinery to always guarantee maximum performance and efficiency and, at the same time, minimise costs. This is why we design special, made-to-measure support packages capable of preventing faults or malfunctions and include a scheduled maintenance plan over time. VICLA is developing new machinery as we speak. We can announce in advance the release of our .SMART range to complete our press brakes and our latest shears called .DIAMOND, however you will have to wait a little longer for its release to appreciate its manufacturing and technical qualities. We promise you won't be disappointed. The most important invention is definitely the FLEX system.

Marketing and communication activities aimed at positioning the leading market brand are fundamental elements to value products. We do it all the time, through institutional communications, aimed at B2B through various media: websites, technical catalogues, sector exhibitions, magazines and also through our ever-present sales network available to our clients. For over 2 years, VICLA market shares have been continuously expanding. In fact, we have clients in new markets such as Poland, Spain, Germany and France.Selection of the best suppliers in the sector is one of the main strategic factors to success. This is why, in VICLA, we only collaborate with certified companies, capable of guaranteeing the working times, quality materials and parts at the best market prices. Flexibility and reduced re-supply times are other decisive characteristics when choosing a partner.

In VICLA the engine powering everything is passion. The same passion expressed each day and in every phase of every single project, while paying utmost attention to details and the clients' requests. In other words: aiming towards excellence. The framework of our system of values is completed by our attitude of continuous comparison through our work team, both internally and with clients and suppliers. This quality instils a relationship based on mutual satisfaction intended to last over time. We saw Hoerbiger as an ideal partner with whom we could share our vision. Our collaboration began in 2008, the year VICLA was established.We are convinced there is always room for improvement. In a continuously evolving market, the secret to expansion is anticipating where the innovation wind blows. In VICLA we are always open to change. This is what we expect from our partners.

One should never stop being curious. Curiosity produces creativity. Creativity is the ability to generate new and useful ideas, solutions to everyday problems. In VICLA we support creativity by attending workshops, themed discussions and brainstorming on a weekly basis.
In VICLA we plan our production to optimise work flow.

Chez VICLA nous planifions la production afin d'optimiser le flux de travail.

Marcello Ballacchino

President and Co-Founder of VICLA

Corrado Nucci

Executive Director and Co-Founder of VICLA Highly trained and motivated staff, an important element for a successful company.

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