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Each of our sheet metal press brakes is completely designed to meet your production needs.  Whether you are looking for hydraulic bending machine, or a full hybrid option, we can meet your every requirement.

Adds-on, tandem or tridem press brakes, automatic tool changer and  automated robotic press brake cells are only some of the solutions we offer to help you achieve your goals.



Thanks to our hybrid or inverter-driven bending machines you get various benefits: lower consumption, less oil and pump stress, reduced noise and greater speed and flexibility.

VICLA sheet metal bending machines allow you to bend better, faster and consume less.
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Industry 4.0 refers to a connected production environment where each part of the whole value chain talks to and with each other, sharing information via a network to improve the entire process.
With our Data Rec and Track Pod softwares you analyze, monitor and correct your press brake in real time, while increasing the business productivity.

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Our specialization in the development of hybrid technology allows you to achieve energy savings between 55% and 78% compared to a conventional bending press brake.

Our .SUPERIOR hybrid press brake reduces the need for hydraulic oil and energy consumption, withour impacting on the bending performances.


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To obtain a perfect bend it is not enough to know the thickness, the radius of curvature and the quality of the sheet

Our Clever Crowning and Flex tools analyze the corrections to be made in real time and always guarantee a perfect linear bend at the first stroke.


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Flagship of VICLA is the Research & Development department.  We invest countless hours a year in innovating and improving our machines.

We are engaged in the study of the most advanced solutions for materials and high-quality components, but also in the study the production and assembly methods

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Real Italian press brakes

The Italian atelier sheet metal machineries

Our sheet metal bending machines are designed and engineered entirely in Italy.
The solidity of our machines allows for great stability and safety.

This translates into an excellent response to mechanical stress to the benefit of bending precision.


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Custom sheet metal press brakes

Vicla specializes in the design and production of tailored-made sheet metal press brakes.

We aim to develop a real partnership with you to supply you with tailor-made products.

We are not just simple manufacturers of sheet metal machineries; in fact every single project is born and developed thanks to a constant attention to your needs.


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Quality products

We invest countless hours in R&D: from electronic and IT components to the choice of mechanical solutions with centesimal precision, we create solid, reliable machines that can adapt to the most sought-after needs.

Our team of experts take care of all the design and calculation phases. They also carry out feasibility studies and machine tooling.

We have a series of additional adds-on available before and after sale.


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high-tech sheet metal machineries

All our sheet metal press brakes are compliant with Industry 4.0 recommendations such as:

  • Interconnection: easily connect your press brakes to other machines and information systems.
  • Remote control: the CNCs can be interfaced with ERPs and databases. In addition, it guarantees remote control, thus allowing for remote maintenance interventions.
  • Reporting: our press brakes are equipped with a series of sensors to collect data.
  • Information and data: our softwares allow you to improve quality control, perform predictive analysis, preventive maintenance and fault prevention and analyze cicly times and anomalies.

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