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VICLA at Hanover 2016: Marketing Success

The attendance of VICLA at Hanover exhibition in Germany from 25th to 29th October 2016 has had amazing feedback, both in term of sales and marketing both affluence.
Euroblech 2016 has rapresented the ideal stage to lay the groundwork to internalization of brand from Albavilla, near Como, to achieve new customers and create relationship with important working people.

1.550 exhibitors from 40 States, 90.000 m2 of exhibition space and 60.000 visitors from all over the world. With these numbers Euroblech has demonstrated once again to represent in a excellent way the best showcase for experts of this sector who want exhibit their innovations about sheet metal working.

So German, Indian, Argentine, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian people have had the opportunity to appreciate the quality and efficiency of machineries branded VICLA®at event number 1 for innovation in sheet metal working in the world. The absolute protagonist of our success has been the leading edge of VICLA: press brake .SUPERIOR.

Guests of our stand could touch its quality of precision, solidity and reliability with demonstrative video and bending tests: test to check the perfection of our machinery, result of depth engineering studies which have allowed to ensure a great stability and a extreme precision of bend. In addition to solidity and to efficiency of .SUPERIOR, visitors have particularly appreciated the innovation of hydraulic crowning system – warranty of an excellent structural stability - the great variety of standard components of press brake and its versatility upgrading according to specific customer needs.

The choose of an effective communication strategy has been a straordinary contribute for the success of this event. For a so prestigious occasion, it’s important make a good impression. This is the reason why the brand presentation, with demonstrative video and communication equipment for strong impact, has been studied taking care of every single detail.
A strategy designed to leave a indelible mark on the memory of who for the first time came into contact with the brand VICLA.
And after the success of this special international kermesse of sheet metal working, the VICLA’s thought already go with pride to the next event which will be at Hanover 2018: an event not to be missed to consolidate the brand’s presence and to show the exclusive potentiality of innovation in Europe and in the world.
We would like to thank all the people who have helped in the preparation of this event or who, more simply, have showed interest for our products.


Have you participated?
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For this event we would like you send us a feedback with the aim to express your impressions about your visit: fill the form with your opinion, it will be a special suggestion in order to continue to improve the efficiency and the quality of our products.

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