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Thanks to our dedicated team of consultants, our customers can experience and see first-hand the complete range of VICLA sheet metal machineries.

This is the best way to evaluate the potential of our products and to choose according to one’s specific needs

VICLA press brakes

Trust is in the first place

before and after the sale 

We care a great deal about customer’s satisfaction.  This is why we follow our customers step by step, giving the chance to seize new opportunities with:

Scheduled maintenance
Offers of tool kits and spare parts
Remote support and assistance
Direct after-sales assistance at the customer

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Anytime you need it

to solve any kind of problems
Sometimes a simple phone call can be enough to solve common problems. In case of more complex situations, a contact via phone is the first step that allows the preliminary diagnosis to be done properly.
Furthermore, all VICLA machines are equipped with a remote connection, allowing our technicians to directly communicate with the machine and rapidly identify the causes of possible fault.
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Over 10 years of passion and expertise

The engine of VICLA® is driven by passion.

The same passion that has always inspired the two founding partners Marcello Ballacchino and Corrado Nucci and which continues to drive them, day by day, by paying great attention to every detail and customer requirement on every single production phase and project. In one word: pursuing excellence.