Hybrid press brake for dynamic production processes that require high speed, precision and versatility

Easy to Customize

You can always add new features without the need to replace or remove any existing mechanical systems

Save Energy and Reduce Costs

Respect the environment, without compromising productivity: save up to 78% in electric energy consumption and obtain utmost bending precision

Real Time Fixing 

Achieve perfect bends in real time through our new technologies: Clever Crowning and Flex System 

Connectivity and Industry 4.0

Our new software - Data Logger and Production Manager - connect the press brake to all the departments related to the production flow


The .SUPERIOR press brake represents the perfect mix between sustainability and bending precision: thanks to the brushless engine, our hydraulic crowning system, the motorized arms and the double guide, this press brake let you achieve a new standard of bending.

The hybrid press brake is available in many configurations:

  • differents bending lenghts and straining forces
  • various back gauges, controls and tools attachments
  • choose between bends in air or in coining


  • Numerical control Esa S 650
  • Tools Kit: 4 V die (V=16-22-35-50), series of 835mm punches with a fractionated one
  • Hydraulic crowning system managed by CNC
  • GIVI optical scales
  • Lazer Safe dual beam photocells
  • Voith pump
  • Hoerbiger hydraulic system
  • High efficiency motor - IE3 class
  • Double guided RAM
  • Electrical cabinet with Telemecanique-Schneider, Esautomotion, ABB Components
  • User's Manual 
  • "CE” Conformity (TÜV Rheinland)
shop press brake


Built with extreme attention to details, the .SUPERIOR press brake is built with a solid structure to absorb all the mechanical stress.

The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations, therefore guaranteeing a stable structure, thus a higher precision in bending.


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One of the most valued features of .SUPERIOR hybrid press brake is its utmost bending precision.
The use of the highest quality materials and parts, the utmost attention to every design detail and the integration with intelligent analysis systems make the .SUPERIOR hybrid press brake an indisputable precision champion.

press brake with double guided ram


The double guided ram ensures the stability and the ram-working table perpendicularity. This allows to keep the high precision during the whole bending phase, even with different tools and intermediates, thus ensuring the centring made during the initial tests in time.

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VICLA Italian press brakes can be upgraded up to 8 axes


The parallelism of the side frames (whose tolerances are within the hundreds), is the technical-structural feature that guarantees the precision and high speed of the backgauge. Together with the rails, also mounted on the side frames, allows to minimize the vibrations and the stress, so that the backgauge can move faster, but maintaining the positioning precision.

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crowning press brake machine


One of the options that can definitely improve the quality in a workshop is the Clever Crowning. The crowning system is no longer managed automatically by the NC, but the necessary corrections are made in real time for each bend.

This system ensures great results even when the operator is not skilled. With the Clever Crowning the NC manages indipendently the correction of the bending angle, without the intervention of the user, assuring a perfect bend even on irregular material (i.e. drilled or pierced sheets, etc.)

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press brake with sensor for the management of the structural flexions


Flex is the innovative system for the management of the structural flexions, that ensures the same bending depth, regardless to the length of the sheet.

The CNC receives the data form the sensors on the cylinders. These information are then interpolated to set the correction parameters required.

In case the OAC bending angle control system is present, the data are collected ans transferred by the straingauges, positioned into the point of maximum flexion of the frame.

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We believe in innovation at service of companies

The hybrid press brake represents the state-of-the-art in sheet metal bending.

With the .SUPERIOR hybrid press brake you can bend better and faster, while saving on production and energy costs.

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The hybrid press brake embodies the best of hydraulic technology combined with an excellent electronic management system.

Compared to a conventional hydraulic press brake, .SUPERIOR hybrid press brake guarantees significantly higher energy savings.

  • the hybrid system absorbs the energy that will be used only when the operator activates the press brake;
  • the use of hydraulic oil is drastically reduced;
  • with the standard Hybrid System, electricity consumption is reduced by 55% compared to the traditional hydraulic press brake;
  • the Hybrid System Plus system reduces consumption by 78% compared to a conventional machine, and by as much as 23% more than the standard hybrid system.
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This is a modular solution that combines a servo motor-pump unit highly integrated with a cylinder control block.


  • energy savings up to 78%;
  • reduced cycle times;
  • significantly lower noise level;
  • massive reduction of hydraulic oil.

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registro_posteriore-piegatrici vicla


The dedicated automation allows us to equip our machines with innovative and advanced gauge systems. This makes our machineries unique and able to satisfy the most complex needs.

The basic BACK model has 2 axes (X,R), and can be upgraded up to 6 axes (X, R, Z1, Z2, X2, X3).

All the fingers are equipped with a visual reference: the LED assures the operator the correct positioning of the sheet metal, and its contact with the finger.


1. Movements on ballscrews for higher precision and smoothness;

2. Backgauge mounted onto the side frame, within a milled lodging, (precise up to the hundredth), powered by brushless servo drives, with integrated CAN open electronics, that ensure high performances;

3. Grinded rack transmission, that guarantees high speed of the axes (560 mm/s) and a positioning precision of ± 0,02 mm, therefore high production rates, high standards and noiselessness;

4. New backgauge built with a 10 mm structural beam, with an innovative system for the management of the parallelism, that will allow maximum flexibility for customizations together with extreme rigidity and strength;

5. Complete fingers, running on two opposite linear guides, adjustable from the machine front with pneumatic release

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photo cells Iris Plus Lazersafe for press brakes


VICLA machines comply with the strictest regulations with reference to safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operator without reducing the pace of work.

  • Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves
  • Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: when interrupted, the movement of the press brake is immediately interrupted
  • Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale
  • Constant monitoring of parameters related to safety


The best in terms of safety: working cycles are faster thanks to the speed change at 0mm from the contact with the sheet. The speed management is determined by the processed parts

Speed and precision: the speed change is set at 0mm from the contact with the sheet and the angle control system ensures high quality results from the first bend.

Automatic height adjustment of the photocells following the punch position



Pneumatic clamping system for the punches with quick frontal release.

It's a manual semi-automatic clamping system with quick frontal release. Tooling process requires half the time compared to using a full-manual clamping system


Increase productivity with the best pneumatic machine tooling system



Hydraulic clamping system for the punches, fixed directly onto the ram. Recommended on high tonnage press brakes.

Pneumatic clamping system for automatic positioning and alignment of the tools. Great for riducing equipment time.


This version, complete with color graphics and a multilingual function, allows automatic calculation of PMI according to the tool type and the angle required, and automatically calculate the necessary bending force. Optimization options include optimal bending sequence, and visualizations of any collisions in the sequence proposed by the operator, also performing anti-collision checks between the axes and the die in automatic phase. 

Equipped with a 19" LCD HD Multitouch color superscreen and built-in Windows PC, the ESA S660 allows you to open technical drawings in pdf or other format directly in the machine. It also has 4 Gb RAM, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Ethernet ports as standard.


Equipped with a ultra-large 21" LCD HD Multitouch color superscreen and integrated Windows PC, which allows to open technical drawings in pdf or other format directly on the machine. It also allows optimal management of all 3D Cad-Cams. It features 8 Gb RAM, 4 USB 2.0 + 4 USB 3.0 ports.

Numeric control with a simple and intuitive Touch screen, rich of functionalities and an user-friendly graphic design. It's available with screens in different dimensions and personalized functionalities.


Sliding support shelf on linear guide; they're adjustable in height and revolvable. Thanks to a easy-to-use hook-and-loop system, they're simple to mount and dismount.

Elongation of the lower bench, which allows to free the working area.

This bending supports are able to lift up to 380 kg (837 lbs). The use of this tool gives a huge andvantage in increasing safety and the overall quality: it's been designed to avoid the effect of the counterfold and to reduce the number of operators needed. It can also be easily removed frontally and installed on another press brake.

Managed entirely by the CNC, it allows the opening of the matrix when in need to crush the sheet metal and steel arises. It's recommended for those who has to make many riveted folds


Control pedals with Wireless connection. It's powered through solar energy, providing a 20% saving in energy; no connection required, neither cable routing. The ultrasonic sensors are positioned so they receive and transmit data in wireless mode.

Additional control pedals


One of our technicians will be at your disposal to provide any information about our products.


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