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Great Success for VICLA's Bending Class

The ever-increasing demand for skilled pressbrake operators, who possess both practical know-how and a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects of bending, has solidified our commitment to providing comprehensive training opportunities. 

In collaboration with an Italian school, we are proud to offer a unique theoretical/practical BENDING CLASS.

The program attracted a diverse group of participants, including experienced, as well as young PB operators eager to learn, and drawing department personnel seeking to enhance their knowledge. The enthusiasm for learning and the need for technical expertise were palpable throughout the course.

Many companies have recognized the importance of investing in training to unlock the full potential of their workforce and technology. By empowering their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, they can achieve a significant competitive advantage.

The ongoing industrial change requires making the production cycle increasingly efficient, keeping production costs low without compromising quality and safety. Factors such as the growing demand for product customization, on one hand, and the difficulty of finding qualified labor, on the other, are pushing companies to reorganize their production departments to remain competitive.

One of the fundamental elements on which companies are trying to act to contrast the shortage of labor is to enhance internal resources by training, stimulating, and retaining them. Training plays a key role because it allows us to acquire an awareness of the difficulties and the most practical aspects of bending thanks to which it is possible to make the process more streamlined and solve many problems upstream of production. 

A highly skilled press brake operator or fabricator who possesses a deep understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of sheet metal working is an invaluable asset to any company.
In fact, a qualified and adequately trained operator will play a key role in making the production cycle increasingly efficient, contributing to increasing the quality level in the repetitiveness of the processing processes.

A second interesting aspect related to personnel training is its flexibility.

Companies are increasingly aware that to improve the efficiency of the production chain, synergy is needed between the technical office and the production department.

In fact, the technical office must have precise information on the characteristics and limits of press brakes in order to design and draw efficiently, avoiding errors and waste. It happens too often, in fact, that the technical office develops developments with tolerances that are too hard, if not impossible to achieve considering the equipment (press brake and tools) in the bending department.

Knowing the theoretical bases behind the sheet metal forming process can help designers and draftsmen to have a complete overview of all the necessary elements in the design and drawing of parts.

It is precisely to encourage the sharing of knowledge that at VICLA we have chosen to move in two directions: on the one hand, by organizing training days, full of detailed diagrams and valuable insights that stimulate lively debates; on the other hand, by creating a bending manual – as for now, available only in Italian - which summarizes the theoretical and operational bases of sheet metal working.

The manual contains numerous tips and practical advice to take press bending to its maximum possible performance, as well as an in-depth overview of the evolution of press brakes and new technological solutions to improve the quality of finished products.

"For 10 years now, the machine tool industry has been witnessing an incredible revolution," says Marcello Ballacchino, owner of VICLA together with his partner Corrado Nucci. "I am referring to the automation of processes, the advent of robotics and the development of machines with a high energy coefficient. And then we must not forget the great theme of the Digital Factory. This new way of conceiving production is projecting the entire sector into the future. Hence, VICLA's mission to continue to look ahead, to anticipate requests and meet the needs of customers."

The Bending Day was a valuable opportunity to share our passion for sheet metal working and to forge stronger relationships with our customers

We can't wait to replicate this experience!

Sheet-metal-press-forming-manual pdf


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