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Software 4.0 integrated into VICLA press brakes can increase company performance by at least 20%.

The world of press brake bending is moving increasingly towards interconnected and automated production processes, and Industry 4.0 is certainly changing the way we work.

That is why VICLA press brakes come with software to help collect, analyse and improve the performance of your company.

We have always focussed on innovation, and this led us to integrate advanced solutions for the smart factory when developing our range of press brakes.

Let's look at the solutions.

Why choose a 4.0 press brake

Press brakes have undergone an incredible evolution in recent years, transforming them from simple bending machines into truly technologically advanced and complex systems.

And, while this has allowed the most modern companies to equip themselves with efficient, high-performance press brakes that improve production, more traditional entrepreneurs, accustomed to old press brakes that are no longer fully functional, continue to mistrust and fear innovation 4.0.

Let’s take a brief look at how a 4.0 press brake can significantly improve production in your company and why:

  1. A 4.0 press brake is a smart machine: it can store and use huge amounts of data to continuously improve production.
  2. The CNC is connected directly to the company network and programmed by the technical office: the benefit of remote programming is that it considerably reduces downtime and guarantees full control of bending collisions.
  3. The high level of safety equipment: a 4.0 press brake is equipped with technologies and devices that reduce variability and dependence on the human factor, as well as the risk of accidents.
    The devices installed on our press brakes protect operators without limiting the working speed.

Later we will see how our press brakes combined with software 4.0 can help you increase your industrial production by at least 20%.

Data Rec and Track Prod software: software 4.0 for VICLA sheet metal press brakes

Our press brakes all come with software 4.0.

Already mechanically robust and tested, all VICLA machines come with our software 4.0 to communicate with the company management software in order to provide data that can be used to optimise the entire production process.

We have already seen what a 4.0 press brake is; now we will see how our software increases company performance by at least 20%.

The first of the two tools is Software Data Rec

It features functions to:

  • acquire data from the machine and enter it into an SQL or Access database;
  • provide detailed information for job scheduling: e.g. workpiece production times with manual, semi-automatic or automatic processing;
  • access time data related to programming, tooling, testing the first workpiece, workpiece processing.

The second is Software Track Prod

This software can:

  • Monitor, display and trace data in the company management software and enhance the entire production cycle.
  • Acquire information, analyses and reports in order to optimise machine use
  • Identify critical conditions: an Alarm History provides a report of the messages sent by the machine.

These two programs can then analyse the production flow in real time and detect any critical conditions so that you can act in real time to correct, reduce and eliminate errors.

The great benefit of this software is that it promotes an approach based on data analysis by operators and the company organisation, which can lead to significant production performance improvements.

In fact, our customers can testify that their company performance has been improved significantly by optimising production processes and reducing waste.


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