hydraulic press brake with 3d processing software

VICLA press brakes are made based on strong features: frame sturdiness, maximum efficiency, and outstanding bending accuracy. For top quality that is also expressed through the most advanced and innovative technical solutions. An example of such a solution is 3D PROV, programming software for preparing and processing 3D products that offers multiple benefits.

Such as the use of automated systems that can speed up the management times of the entire process (from design to finished product), minimum downtimes thanks to the offline programming feature, fewer discarded pieces thanks to collision control during bending sequence, tool library compatibility that allows for checking the availability of the tools required for production.

Some of the main features of the 3D PROV are:

  • Direct import from SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor;
  • Import and development of 3D parts in IGES and STEP formats;
  • Automated and manual setup based on the type of material, machine and tool properties;
  • Automated and manual bending sequence with collision control;
  • Automated and manual calculation of retainer position and ledge with interactive graphical control on all axes;
  • Automated calculation of retainer retraction;
  • 3D simulation of the bending process with collision control;
  • Detailed report on machine setup stations, also including bending sequences, used tools, graphical information, and bending specifications.

The 3D PROV programming software ensures maximum efficiency in tool selection, based on bend radius, maximum press brake force, collision control, and the availability of different tool types and splits. To make the machine even more efficient, you can have full control over the hemming process, because the software allows you to set the default tools for automatic recognition as well as the pre-bending angle (default and editable value).

3D PROV can also calculate the bending parameters automatically to avoid any collisions, taking account of the availability of tool splits, horn tools and inward back-bending.

Full manual control with split of complete bends into partial bends and the option to set the pre-bending angle and interactive change of the bending sequence order. For retainer positioning, 3D PROV offers automatic and manual backgauge control options with automatic 3D simulation (retainers, tools, piece to bend, machine frame) and collision control with all parts in motion.

The software also provides a full setup report, from bending sequence instructions to charts containing detailed information for each bend.