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VICLA announces the upgrade of the 3D PROV with two new, exciting features.

The new 3D PROV Software Data Rec and Track Prod for an improvement in business performance.

Since its launch in the world of metal working, VICLA has been operating with a future-oriented mindset. Bypassing the production of traditional machines and focusing on creating hybrid products. A choice that, together with the high-quality of the materials and components, has allowed the brand to establish itself as an ambassador of the Made in Italy style.

This is just an example that proves VICLA's full adherence to every innovation capable of leading the company to ever higher levels of competitiveness. And to a growing processes automation.

Through the implementation of interfaces and languages that promote interaction between operator and machine. Creating value with the use of data that enhance the computing ability of the machines. And again with the use of tools interconnected with physical and digital systems and real time adaptations (3D printing, robots, interaction between machines).

All features that are at the basis of the definition of Industry 4.0 within which VICLA fully recognizes itself.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce that we have taken a further step in this direction. With the upgrade of VICLA’s 3D PROV, designed for the preparation and processing of 3D products. This regards the ability to install two new features. Software that allow the machines, and the companies that use them for their productions, to operate according to Industry 4.0 standards.

The first of the two new features is the Data Rec Software. A tool capable of acquiring machine data and inserting it into an sql or access database. It provides detailed information for job scheduling such as the production times of parts, processing in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode. Basically, it allows access to the data relating to the programming, tooling, test execution on the first part, and running parts times.

The second feature is the Software Track Prod. It offers the ability to monitor, view and track data on the company management program with a valorisation of the entire manufacturing cycle. In fact, it provides information, analysis and reports in order to guarantee optimal use of the machine and a remote control Alarm History. A very useful service for identifying critical issues by simply viewing the history of messages sent by the machine.

The new functions of the Data Rec and Track Prod Software therefore offer the possibility of identifying any problem. In order to optimize and minimize them. With beneficial effects on business performance and the processe examination. And all while encouraging the development of approaches based on data analysis between operators and the company organization.

A significant number of advantages that represent a revolution in the manufacturing systems of companies that choose VICLA brand for their production.

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