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A modern CNC press brake can cut down on maintenance costs while improving the production performances.

Over the years, manufacturers have been developing different solutions to improve the performance of their products. Through tools, functionalities and technological innovations sheet metal press brakes have evolved starting from mechanical presses to hybrid cnc press brakes.

Recently we have produced two hybrid cnc press brakes to a Russian company specialized in metal and alloy processing for the design and furniture sectors. The need to reduce production costs, create many product prototypes and complete orders in a short time, were the reasons that convinced the company to buy our cnc hybrid press brakes. Scroll at the bottom to read the technical specs of these two industrial press brakes.

Let's now have a closer look at the real benefits of a hybrid sheet metal press brake


Hybrid cnc press brake: less consumption and environmental impact

In a traditional hydraulic press, a big pump is constantly active, whether the machine is working or not. In this way there is high and useless energy and heat dissipation.

VICLA's hybrid system allows the machine to consume energy only when the pedal is activated.

This means that the consumption of the press brake is minimum when tools are changed and, in general, during those steps in which the crosspiece is not involved.

Low oil consumption is another key point. The quantity of oil used in our bending machines is dramatically low compared to traditional hydraulic press.

Small oil tanks translate into many advantages, such as:

    • more savings
    • less environmental impact
    • less maintenance costs

italian press brakes

A quicker production

The brushless engines are directly connected to two small oil tanks. The advantage is that the cnc press brake is more precise and is not affected by temperature variation, as opposed to traditional machines.

Moreover, such as in the case of hybrid press brakes that we have recently sent to Russia, the addition of high-tech devices to perfectly control both the bending precision and the structural flexions of frames, allow to achieve unrivaled performances.

CNC press brakes: special configuration

We recently produced two hybrid sheet metal press brakes for a client based in Russia and specialized in the processing of high-end furnitures. The company requirements in terms of adds-on and personalization included the choice of adding two special devices that control the bending precision and the structural flexions of the frames.

See below the detailed configuration of each hybrid cnc press brake.


Hybrid CNC sheet metal press brake VICLA .SUPERIOR 50/20

    • Backgauge with axis X-R managed by CNC

    • Two backgauge fingers

    • CNC ESA 650

    • Hydraulic crowning system managed by CNC

    • Optical scales and high speed photocellls IRIS LazerSafe

    • Tooling set for punches and dies

    • Main power 5,5kW

    • Oil capacity 80l

Hybrid CNC sheet metal press brake VICLA .SUPERIOR 110/31

    • Backgauge with axis X-R managed by CNC

    • Two backgauge fingers

    • CNC ESA 650

    • Dynamic hydraulic crowning system managed by CNC (Clever Crowning)

    • Management of the structural flexions of the frames (Flex System)

    • Optical scales photocells with double optical path Lazersafe

    • Manual quick system clamping of the punches

    • Tooling set for punches and dies

    • Main power: 11kW

    • Oil capacity 50l + 50l


Call us or contact us for more information

Now that you now exactly how a hybrid cnc press brake can improve your production, you may want to receive a personalized quotation.

Use our online configurator or contact us by filling out this form.

Our international team will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary information you need.

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