sheet metal machines hybrid

The highly competitive market of our days brings companies to travel the road of increasing efficiency and reducing wastes simultaneously.

It is really possible to get the two things?

Without any doubt, if the card of technological innovation is played.

Today, in press brake sector an extremely interesting system to produce more pieces, more quickly and with a special care to environment exists: it's hybrid system by Vicla.

  1. It represents the vanguard and the natural evolution of synchronized hydraulic press brakes that, thanks to hybrid technology, reach performances that were unimaginable until some time ago.
  2. It is useful to explain why we talk about "hybrid" technology: first of all because it puts together the best of hydraulic and electrotechnics, managed by exceptional electronics.
  3. Let's see its advantages.

Producing more pieces

Thanks to the presence of two powerful brushless engines, the movement of the cross piece is fluid and extremely precise. The upper tools distort the pieces with extreme precision and repeatability, and the movements reach incredible precision for a completely new bending experience. How many times, if the bending is not precise, the pin is on materials?

Well, with hybrid system by Vicla all the limits of the machines we have always used emerge. Having available such a precise lower dead end makes everything simpler: in this way productivity increases.

A quicker production

Brushless engines, that are quick and precise, are directly connected to two small oil tanks. This means that the machine with the new hybrid system by Vicla has a simpler but more efficient hydraulics. The oil used to activate the crosspiece is much less than that used in traditional hydraulic press brakes. The result is more precision, since hybrid system by Vicla is not affected by temperature variation, as opposed to traditional machines. In this field, a precise machine is without any doubt the best way to increase the speed of pieces execution.

Less consumption and environmental impact

In a traditional hydraulic press, a big pump is constantly active, whether the machine is working or not. In this way there is high and useless energy and heat dissipation. Thanks to hybrid system by Vicla, the consumption is linked to the effective use of the machine (which consumes only when it is active). Brushless electrical engines move the crosspiece (consuming energy) only when the pedal is activated, otherwise they are off. This means that the consumption of the press brake is minimum when tools are changed and, in general, during those steps in which the crosspiece is not involved. Another aspect that makes hybrid system by Vicla really green is the low quantity of oil used compared to traditional hydraulic press. Replacement and disposal costs are drastically cut: in other words, more saving and less environmental impact.

In the competition dictated by the market, innovating is not an option anymore, but an obligation. And Vicla proposed to innovate thanks to its hybrid system, by offering performances never seen before, new levels of productivity, precision and saving.

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