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Sheet metal working technologies and innovation

A perfect sheet metal processing causes the systematic operation of several elements, all necessary to achieve whises performance. In addition to the options provided by the machine, the experience of operator is always important in order to coordinate the workings, but the progress achieved so far by VICLA brand machines enables more rapid and intuitive management.

The technologies are really important in order to achieve high level of performance. About this, our main reference is press brake VICLA .SUPERIOR, a jewel of innovation which encloses all secrets to achieving performance at the highest levels of the market. Today we want to name some of the most important. Beginning with all those elements that are fundamental to produce extremely precise bending. At first, we would like to name the Flex System, the innovative system for the management of structural flexions, that ensures the same bending lenght of the sheet. This is a system of which are equipped only SUPERIOR machines: a revolution which underline the excellent relationship between quality/price of press brake .SUPERIOR, as well as a growning commercial success in the national and foreign markets.

An other innovation that brings at VICLA’s brand is the availability to apply in upgrade the Clever Crowning Kit: the optional which offer the insurance to a perfect bend also in non uniform material (for example perforated/slotted mixed with full material) and to improve working in workshop. The Clever Crowning kit works in real time in order to avoid manual intervention.

Finally for completing VICLA’s bending effectiveness, there’s the piping system reduction: a solution which brings a higher performance and high precision level. The sum of this prerogatives take our machines to a true reference model in the sheet metal working machine sector. The commercial numbers show the truth of this view.

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