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Trade Shows in the Sheet Metal Industry: a review by VICLA

Here is a quick tour of the dates and stop-offs in the world of trade shows. Where to find the best in sheet metal processing.

In addition of course to the prerogatives of efficiency, stability and precision, in a rapidly growing, competitive market, as is the sector we work in, the quality of a sheet metal working machine is measured above all through the technological innovations with which it is equipped.

Innovations which can gain maximum visibility at all the international fairs: excellent showcases and privileged meeting points for those who work in the world of sheet metal, and the industry's decision makers who are looking to discover the latest technological innovations to improve production efficiency. From those related to finished or semi-finished products to moulds, from CAD/CAM/CIM systems to the latest strategies in research and development.

For these reasons, the success which comes from participating in a trade show for a brand such as VICLA® is a sign that the company is taking steps in the right direction, giving credence to their day-to-day efforts as they journey towards seamless perfection. Evidence of this can be seen from their last participation in the 2016 Euroblech trade show in Hannover, and that of Lamiera 2017 in Milan, important events that have enabled the VICLA® brand to become known and appreciated by a large number of interested and competent operators.

With the view to providing a useful service to all those with a passion for the world of sheet metal processing, here below you will find information on the key stop-off points of the international trade show network. Starting with the most recent event, which took place just a short time ago in Poland from 6 to 9 June: the Mach-Tool Poznan annual trade show, which is one of the largest trade shows in Europe featuring the latest technologies in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Such as metallurgy, casting and welding, painting, hydraulics and pneumatics.

The next upcoming European event in chronological order is in the Czech Republic with MSV, the 59th edition of the International Engineering Trade Fair, to be held in Brno from 9 to 13 October 2017. This is the most important event in the sector in Central and Eastern Europe which sees all the major sectors from the mechanical industry taking part and which traditionally enjoys the presence of a significant number of Italian companies from the sector. Event numbers are impressive: 1.500 exhibitors, and 75.000 visitors from 59 different countries.

Once again in Europe, from 7 to 10 November 2017, operators in the sector will shift their attention to Stuttgart in Germany for the 13th Blechexpo, the international trade fair for sheet metal working: the only event in the world that deals with the complementary technologies of sheet metal processing and joining technology, an extensive trade fair with a focus on mechanical and thermal joining and connecting procedures, and thermal welding processes.

Moving overseas to the USA, from 6 to 9 November 2017, the Fabtech Chicago trade show will be held, America's biggest metal forming, fabricating, tube & pipe and welding trade show, An event that can host over 35.000 visitors from all over the world with over 1.100 exhibitors.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in Shanghai in China, from 7 to 11 November 2017 the MWCS will take place, the major Asian trade show in the sheet metal processing industry, with a particular focus on intelligent production systems, digitalised technologies, and flexible, integrated systems. An event that has drawn audiences of over 120.000 trade visitors from all over Asia.

We then head back to Europe, once again in Germany, from 23 to 26 October 2018 for the Euroblech Hannover: "the World's no.1 for innovation in sheet metal working" event, an eagerly awaited date for industry professionals, with a large trade show area devoted to the latest in technology and innovation. The last edition, held in October 2016, proudly saw our brand's participation with the launch of our SUPERIOR press brake, the flagship of VICLA products, on an international stage. It was an amazing success in terms of sales and marketing.

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