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The best business card for all potential customers of a company is the express satisfaction from who has already used its products or services. About this today we have asked an opinion to Mr Giordano Riva, the boss of CTL – CENTRO TAGLIO LAMIERE s.r.l., company at Stezzano (Bergamo), which is involved in the production of metallic materials for carpentry, plant, petrolchemical and whatever else field related to iron transformation through flat cutting or folding.

“I met VICLA through Mr Vittorio Bestetti, great expert about press brake, and in 2016 I decided to buy a .SUPERIOR 4 m 320 t for my company: a versatile machine equipped with innovative technologies.” Says the boss of this north Italy company, who about this add some details: “…we uses this machine from a short time and it’s the first within the company. So to be honest, I haven’t all instrument to make accurate comparisons. I say just that on bases of my past experiences, when I was technical director of other companies, I can assert with certainty that press brake .SUPERIOR is up to a center of services like ours, where versatility and efficiency are indispensable prerogatives.”

The businessman has got clear ideas also about technologies: “We chose a machine with base equipment and then we have strenghtened it according to our needs. We are very pleased with Clever Crowning or Hybrid System.
We are able to bend all the thicknesses, even from 20 mm, getting the desired results each times.”

“Excellent” CTL’s boss continues “is the turning off the engines during the moment of inactivity: this is an important feature because it allows us to obtain great saving energy”. Mr Giordano Riva also expresses his satisfaction about pre-post sales services offered by VICLA: “during the pre-sales period we have received complete and professional information, and then, the full machine knowledge will come with the use. I believe in the innovation and so we have been entrusted with versatility of a young company like VICLA, which is able to innovate.”

About post-sales services, he says: “The machine has been delivered to us according to the scheduled time and installed in a couple of days. Some constructive anomalies have been overcome quickly and today the machine is doing its job well. And every time we need it, we can rely on VICLA technicians: rapid answers which allow us not to stop the working.” The use of the machine is easy and intuitive, says the businessman, with whom young, trained and dotated with great will to learn people work, also with the help of CNC ESA of machine, precise and interactive, which allows a good easy to use.

Cited merits and benefits. But the superior also has some defect?
“The machine is well done. Obviously something you could improve: some building solutions could be optimized in order to improve the exchange tools timing and production.”

Thanks to Mr Giordano Riva, the boss of CTL – CENTRO TAGLIO LAMIERE, for the time devoted to us and for his cordiality. In order to know more details about this company which chose VICLA, you can go on the website ctltagliolamiere.it

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