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The importance of knowing how to assess your perfect press supplier.

In an extremely competitive sector such as that of sheet metal machines, it's very easy to come across false legends, old beliefs and complete speculation. It is said that: “all that glisters is not gold”, and nothing is more true.

Very often, the market is influenced by misleading news and messages that can lead potential buyers to make sub-optimal or even bad choices. Large renowned brands or those that have simply been on the market for a long time are often chosen “blindly” for the aura of “sacredness” surrounding them. But can we be sure that a significant investment, such as that of a press brake, a long-lasting and demanding asset, does not deserve a more in-depth analysis?

The characteristics of the perfect manufacturer

A manufacturer that can fully meet the needs of a modern company facing today’s stormy market head-on must be:

  • technological. It must be able to manage, and therefore offer, the best applied technology currently available on the market. Simple and user-friendly numerical controls that allow total, interactive machine management, fast, accurate and green motion systems, as well as state-of-the-art safety systems. It is better to be wary of suppliers who only offer obsolete systems in their catalogues.

  • reliable. Your perfect press supplier does not leave the customer alone under any circumstances. The perfect supplier provides support to clarify all the customer's doubts: support that is ready, available and provided by extremely competent personnel is among the most important ingredients to prevent unnecessary and harmful downtime. This is because even the best machine in the world can have problems, and they are not necessarily related to its quality. Sometimes external factors can also affect press brake operation.

  • available. A manufacturer offering standard machines or machines with few customisation options are rarely able to meet customer needs: even more so in a context like today, in which almost all orders are for special parts, in small batches, of high-quality and with a quick turnaround. It is not acceptable to spend large sums on a standard machine and then realise that it's unable to perform many jobs. You need versatility and flexibility when choosing, designing, and then using.

  • near. Or better: “close”. We do not mean physically close: the closeness of a supplier is measured in its willingness to open its doors and listen to potential customers, and to accompany them through all the stages of making the correct choice. Understanding customers’ core business together, knowing how to explain the solutions that are right for them and how they work: this is closeness, because the perfect supplier cannot take anything for granted. Potential customers, even the most expert, are not press brake manufactures, so they may not be aware of all the aspects to be assessed at the configuration stage.

That is why the perfect supplier, besides being able to offer the most suitable technological machine, must also educate customers about it. In short, buying a seemingly banal machine like a press brake is not at all easy.

The perfect supplier is one that lets customers make the right choice and offers the best solutions… and know how to explain them!
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