How does a cartesian robot work?

vicla robotic cells and automated solutions

VICLA offers effective and efficient solutions for press brakes automation thanks to new technologies and last innovation.

There are many features of Industria 4.0 used in VICLA machines. And these elements guarantee:

  • great fexibility and rapidity of production
  • short set-up time
  • reducing machine stops and errors in order to obtain productivity
  • high quality.

This solution increases the competitiveness of the created products.

Other important features are the ability to personalize the warehouse capacity, only use Promecam Style upper and lower tools and the rotation for the inserting of the inverted tool. The Matrix Code also recognizes the features and size of the tool during loading in the warehouse. TOP SHIFT is also equipped by a software realized to manage the communications with different CNC about 4 axes, about warehouse stock, about the information of tools. The software manages the charger set up with total autonomy, charge and edit the programs.

The APR robot, for complete automation of bending process through hydraulic press, is another innovation by VICLA, with instrument for pieces with a weight until 250 kg and with the possibility of a manual use. The APR robot follows the press brake linear structure thank to its 5 axes, of which 3 linear and 2 polar, which allow to do easily perform bending operations, overturning and tilting of the piece. The programming of the APR robot is more easy thank to the application on the transducer press directly connected to the robot.

This characteristic allows to the operator not to perform any adjustments and to monitor in every moment the bending process through the warning of possible anomalies and preventing the production of faulty parts. There are two monitors for the operator to manage the Antil robot: the touch screen one and the joystick for movements. The software allows to do all picking operations of sheet in a comfort and easy way, with also the possibility to divide the area into little zone of work.

VICLA offers Matrix bending cells for completely automatic procedures of picking operations: machines able to work on pieces until 400 kg thanks to laser cut. Among the main characteristics there are reliability of electronics, gear couplings with game recovery which allows the repeatability of placement, a controlled force of the thrust against back gauges, to the advantage of greater lifetime of the machine. The software out of line BendWizard is the brain that manage through a user-friendly, easy and intuitive interface, to certificate an important decrease of stops. The software allows the planning until 4 different cells with bending robot.

To complete the range of VICLA’s product, Flexbender and Robot Studio with Virtual controller are the standard and flexible solution realized for press brakes. The Virtual Controller is the platform that shows the same control system used by robot and that allows to simulate robot’s behavior for its movement, working area accessibility, collision and stats.

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