Hybrid press brake with standard HYBRID SYSTEM

Hybrid press brake with standard HYBRID SYSTEM


Superior in every way, also in terms of energy saving, consumption reduction, and respect for the environment. .SUPERIOR is the press brake designed by VICLA, able to bend and cut the costs of the entire manufacturing cycle and to speed up production times.


It is equipped with a standard innovative hybrid system, with no price difference compared to a traditional machine, guaranteeing exceptional energy savings and a significant reduction in oil consumption thanks to the use of the double tank.

The results in numbers of this technological innovation are: energy saving of up to 78%, a significant oil consumption reduction (eg: 2X40 liters - press 110 t), an increase in productivity by 20%, decrease in fast-up limit by 20%, 50% decrease in oil temperature, 70% less risk of leakage, 50% reduction in tank volume, and 50% faster and easier installation process. With VICLA  Hybrid System there is also a 60% reduction in the piping system.

All these advantages translate into a greater manufacturing system efficiency and perfect finished products. In one word: quality. Not only in terms of frame stability and bending precision, but also energy saving and minimisation of pollutants.

The Hybrid System is a standard feature present in the standard version of the .SUPERIOR sheet metal press brake which, depending on production needs, offers extreme flexibility even in terms of optional features and customised solutions.


Such as the Hybrid System Plus: the system that cuts down consumption to 78% compared to traditional machines and to 23% more compared to the standard Hybrid System.

Hence VICLA's commitment to endure absolute quality continues. Through daily investments in research and development activities entrusted to highly specialized staff and engineers, with top qualification and skills in metal working. Ongoing efforts that already demonstrate the achievement of new and important goals. First of all, the development of an innovative system for automated die change will be completed shortly.

Now that you know about Hybrid System, find out what you need to know about your new press brake: Download the free press brake manual now.

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