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How does a CNC press brake work?

A CNC press brake is a modern machine for sheet metal deformation. There are different types on the market: Hydraulic press brakes, hybrid press brakes and electrical press brakes.

Modern press brakes are operated and controlled by a computer that helps quickly set the specifications of a job and perform production cycles according to different needs, both short and long term.

What is a CNC controller?

how to program the insertion of the die in the library in the press brake.

All mechanical components of the press brakes are integrated with numerical control, which is responsible for setting the bending parameters. The most important parameters in the bending process are:

  1. thickness of the sheet;
  2. dimensions of the sheet;
  3. bending angle;

One of the many advantages of numerical control lies in the possibility of implementing bend simulations, during which the machine verifies if there are any collisions or overloads.

What are the benefits of using a press brake with numerical control?

There are many benefits obtained from numerical control programming on CNC press brakes:

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Repeatability
  • Adaptation
  • Flexibility
  • Agility

The main technologies of ESA numerical control

ESA 650 and 660 numerical control

ESA 650 and 660 numerical control

This version, with colour graphics and multilingual function, allows the automatic calculation of the PMI according to the type of tool and the required angle, and the automatic calculation of the bending force. Optimisation options include optimal bending sequence, and display of any collisions in the sequence proposed by the operator, also carrying out anti-collision checks between the axes and the matrix in the automatic phase.

ESA 675 numerical control

ESA 650 and 660 numerical control

It is equipped with an ultra-large 21” LCD HD Multi-touch colour screen and integrated Windows PC, which allows drawings to be opened in PDF format or in another format directly on the machine. Furthermore, it allows optimal management of all Cad-Cam 3D. It is equipped with RAM 8 Gb, 4 USB ports 2.0 + 4 USB ports 3.0.

Delem numerical control

It is a simple and intuitive Numerical Touch Screen control, with a high level of functionality and a user-friendly and modern graphic environment. It is available with screens of different sizes and features customised to your needs.

Press brake programming: management of 3D projects

Press brake programming management of 3D projects

Our modern press brakes can be equipped with programming software for the preparation and processing of 3D projects that guarantees multiple advantages.

The programming software available on VICLA machines for sheet metal, for example, guarantee maximum efficiency in tool selection, based on bend radius, maximum force of the press brake, collision control, and the availability of different types of tools and splits.

It is also able to recognise and automatically manage the flattened bend thanks to definition of the angles of the pre-bend and the inner counter-bends, calculating the best bending sequence, avoiding collisions and taking into account the availability of splits and skids.

Although automatic management almost always finds a solution, the operator also has the possibility to intervene manually and change the data set by the software.

For positioning of the stops, the software available on VICLA press brakes provides automatic and manual control options for the back gauge, thanks to the 3D simulation that allows you to view all the moving elements, including the tools, the part to bend and the machine structure.

Finally, the software provides the complete tooling report, from the 3D bending sequence, including detailed information bend by bend. The report can be printed or displayed directly on the numerical control.

Sheet-metal-press-forming-manual pdf


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